Making Your Beer Crystal Clear

Beer is about a lot more than just a great-tasting beverage.   The fact that a culture has grown up around the joy of making and enjoying fine beer testifies how much beer has become part of how our culture works. The drinking of the beverage is only partially about the taste of the brew itself […]

Beer Brewing

Are you bored? Are you trying to kill time? Are those mindless re-runs on T.V making you want to jump off the second floor of your house? Well, you don’t have to anymore. There are countless hobbies and activities out there that are easy and fun to do. Here is a suggestion – How about […]

Home Made Beer

If you always had that urge to make your own beer and never knew how to start it, well, here’s your chance. Grab it. Because beer making has never been so easy and inexpensive that you can practically make your own brew in your very own basement or even in the attic. Now you don’t […]

Why Quality Hops Matter

There is no denying that a great beer has a unique flavor that is unlike any other beverage in the world.  That artful blend of bitterness and the rich grain flavors can give you a beer that is bold and stout or one that is mellow and smooth.  And while every component of the brewing […]

Making Low Carb Beer For Dieters

Many people follow a Keto or low carb diet and thankfully there are many brewing companies that have come to realize the necessity to offer these beverages to their consumers especially while enjoying their favorite sports and games, and interestingly, they have been accommodated with their choice of some low carb beer. The emergence of […]

Different Beers

The word “beer” is often used as a generic noun used to describe a cold refreshing beverage. For example, “Hiya Mike, let’s go for a beer.” However, beer lovers around the world will heartily agree that there’s nothing generic about beer. When it comes to types of beer, there are many, many options to choose […]

Purchase The Best Malt

Purchase the best malt. A bushel of good malt will weigh from 41 to 43 lbs. Weight, however, is not always a criterion of value, for if a portion of the grain remains unmalted the weight will be increased, because a bushel of good malt when newly dried weighs about three-fourths of a bushel of […]

Wheat Beer

Wheat beers are beers that are brewed with both malted barley and malted wheat, rather than using just barley.  The addition of wheat will lend wheat beers a lighter flavor and somewhat paler color than most all barley ales and beers.  Wheat beer is normally top-fermented, which is fermentation with ale yeast. All types of […]

Gluten Free Beer

Gluten-free beer is beer made from ingredients that do not contain glycoproteins, i.e. gluten. Consuming gluten-free foods is particularly important to people that suffer from celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or dermatitis herpetiformis. Patients with celiac disease will suffer injuries to the lining of the intestines if gluten is consumed. Therefore beer that contains barley or […]